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Elvis DAM Highlights

Search , Collect & Manage Media , Collaborate & Communicate , CS6 & Desktop Integration


The Elvis DAM, lucene based, search engine ensures quick rich media search results on enterprise-scale indexes. It also provides a variety of intelligent digital asset search methods not found in traditional DAM systems. A scalable architecture creates a tight fit for both small and enterprise environments.

  • Search across millions of digital assets within milliseconds
  • Browse through wire feeds, digital archives and mulitmedia libraries
  • Search across all resources and media in a single search
  • Filter, save and refine searches

Collect & Manage Media

Elvis DAM users can preview digital media content in a highly visual and natural way. Screen size previews contain full metadata for video, images, audio, documents, layouts and xml. Related content items are displayed for easy reference.

  • Visualize status workflows with flags & labels on thumbnails
  • Drag ‘n drop media content in collections, edit metadata in batches
  • Check out, edit, check in and manage asset versions
  • Create a virtual folder structure with collections

Collaborate & Communicate

Users can simply drag and drop rich media content in collections and save them for personal reference or share them with other users. Collections can be created within specific folder structures, offering dynamic digital asset organization.

  • E-mail a web version of an elvis collection to communicate about assets
  • Create and share favorites for collections, searches and folders
  • Send out assignments for external users to upload assets
  • Export assets or collections directly to web, editorial and social media(upload to YouTube from DAM)

CS6 & Desktop Integration

The Elvis DAM AIR client offers the best of both worlds: web technology with a rich and integrated desktop experience.

  • Natively access Elvis DAM assets from Bridge, Photoshop, InDesign and Adobe Illustrator
  • Directly edit photos and graphics in Photoshop CS5 and CS6
  • Drag complete collections on InDesign Layouts as embedded graphics
  • Drag ‘n drop to and from any desktop application
  • Create and access versions from Adobe Drive

Contact sales if you would like to get an on-premise trial or if you would like to discuss your requirements.