2017 CyanGate News Summed Up

As 2017 draws to a close and the holiday season starts, we look back at several highlights and forward to 2018.  Here are the main highlights of 2017:

S-Drive 2.0 and Salesforce.com

  • CyanGate’s S-Drive App for Salesforce.com added new document management features in the S-Drive 2.0 release.  Also, the S-Drive videos were overhauled.  Check the videos out on the CyanGate YouTube Channel.
  • CyanGate added SalesForce.com Managed Services.

OpenText Media Management

  • Genentech, a CyanGate and Risetime customer, won the OpenText Life Sciences Award for its OpenText Media Management implementation at Enterprise World in Toronto.  The case study was presented at the OpenText Southern California User Group Meeting in November.
  • Working with one of our customers, we developed an OTMM interface to have the same look and feel as Netflix to improve the user experience.
  • CyanGate became a Technical OpenText Partner for OTMM.
  • CyanGate expanded its services to include Business Process Suite.
  • CyanGate developed the Google AI Image Recognition for OTMM.

FADEL Rights Cloud

  • CyanGate built the FADEL Rights Cloud plugin for OTMM enabling OTMM users integrate OTMM and FADEL Rights Cloud for rights and talent management.  The plugin was demonstrated by OpenText at Enterprise World.
  • OTMM customers can purchase the FADEL plugin directly from OpenText.

WoodWing Elvis 6 and Swivle

  • CyanGate rolled out both Elvis 6 and Swivle as new solutions to its customers.
  • 65Bit Easy Catalogue was added to our Elvis portfolio.