Elvis DAM Customers

Elvis DAM serves as the digital asset management solution for companies and organizations ranging from a departmental solution to an enterprise solution.  Elvis DAM customers are in different industries such as  publishing, retail, creative, marketing, media, manufacturing, education, apparel, government and not-for-profit.

Elvis DAM customers have found a return on investment (ROI) in the following areas:

  • Reduced search times - Prior to using Elvis DAM, some customers were losing an average of four hours a week per employee searching for assets.  By leveraging Elvis DAM's search engine and having a central repository of assets, employees are able to finds assets quickly.
  • Repurposing assets - Customers reduced time loss creating new content by finding content that can be quickly repurposed.  In some cases, customers have found advantages of reselling existing content and reducing the go-to-market timing.
  • Faster distribution - Elvis DAM enables customers to spend less time and cost maintaining Dropbox or FTP sites.  Through leveraging Elvis DAM's Share client, customers quickly send assets though hypertext links instead of send large attachments via email or physical files.  In some cases, the Share client reduced the cost to maintain email servers.
  • Copyright management - The misuse of copyrighted materials can be costly in fines and legal fees.  Elvis DAM helps customers to prevent copyright misuse through its copyright tracking, monitoring and rights management.
  • Preventing duplication - By centralizing assets, customers are able to find existing content and save time loss creating duplicate content.  Elvis DAM customers who purchase stock photography leverage Elvis DAM plugins to monitor stock photography purchases.  The Elvis DAM plugins enable customers to prevent duplicate purchases and to alert users of copyright status.
  • Reselling assets - After implementing Elvis DAM, some Elvis DAM customers were able to locate existing content and sell it turning Elvis DAM into a source of alternative revenue.
  • Brand management - By maintaining usage and access rights, Elvis DAM customers have found it easier to maintain brand identity and prevent misuse of assets.
  • Business Intelligence - Elvis DAM customers leverage Elvis DAM reporting to learn about their assets and asset usage to make decisions.
  • Information Assurance - Elvis DAM enables customers to access the right assets at the right time to the authorized recipients through Elvis DAM's rules and permissions settings.

To learn more about how Elvis DAM customers found Elvis DAM's ROI benefits, take a look at the video testimonials and case studies below.

Carlsen Verlag

Mizzima Media Group

Detailresult Group

Aste Helsinki


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