Elvis DAM Customization

Elvis DAM is open ended and friendly for customization.  For some companies with programers on staff, Elvis DAM is a great fit because they can build customizations on the fly. CyanGate specializes in creating Elvis DAM customizations.  CyanGate leverages its in-house development office with CyanGate staff to design and implement Elvis DAM customizations without the loss of quality that occurs from using third-party outsourcing.  Some of our past Elvis DAM customizations include:

  • Salesforce.com MAM Bridge - enables users to access Elvis DAM from Salesforce.com
  • Adobe Premier Plugin - enables Elvis DAM to integrate with Adobe Premier
  • Asset Markup - provides additional workflow tools during the review process
  • Video Annotation - enables users to annotate and segment videos with the ability to search based on segments
  • Language translations

Contact us with your Elvis DAM customization requests.