Elvis DAM Hosting Solutions

By default, Elvis DAM is a on-premise solution, however it is not limited to on-premise deployments.  CyanGate offer Elvis DAM Hosting and Elvis DAM Managed Services

What makes CyanGate's hosting unique is its environment.  Instead of using Linux environment through Amazon Web Services, CyanGate uses Mac environment and Linux environments that offers better preview renderings, faster processing and unlimited bandwidth.  The CyanGate hosting solution is ideal for those who want the performance of the Mac without paying for the additional staff to maintain it nor Apple Care support.Elvis DAM Hosting solutions are ideal for those seeking a cloud solution for Elvis DAM and desire to reduce hardware cost. 

In addition, CyanGate offers Elvis DAM Managed Services for a turn-key Elvis DAM solution for cloud and on-premise deployments.  Under Managed Services, CyanGate will maintain and update your equipment and Elvis DAM - there is no investment on hardware for you.

Elvis DAM Hosting Services and Elvis DAM Managed Services are excellent options for businesses seeking to reduce their IT cost, reduce capital investments, require a temporary solution or desire a turn-key solution. Contact us for an estimate.