Elvis DAM Implementation Service

DAM Implementation Services = Successful DAM Configuration

Implementating a digital asset management system (DAM) is a straight-forward and usually mechanical process. That is why the majority DAM sale pitches say you can install their solution and be up and running in minutes.  However, many DAM providers do not mention that properly configuring a DAM is the key to a DAM success.

What makes a good implementation different from others is the ability of the implementers to match the implementation to the organizational culture and specific processes and involve the users in the implementation phase to minimize the resistance to change.

Implementations can only be considered successful when the system goes live and users start using it with joy. If the implementation makes the old processes more cumbersome and difficult to work with, then users will resist changing and DAM implementation will be a failure. That is why user acceptance of the system is very critical in all DAM initiatives.

To ensure a successful deployment of Elvis DAM, CyanGate offers Elvis DAM Implementation Services.  CyanGate differs from most services companies in the way that we start our work with the successful closure in mind, rather than open-ended deadlines that will not produce results and cost much more than expected.  We leverage our methodology and fifteen years of experience to ensure your Elvis DAM implementation will be successful.


CyanGate Elvis DAM Implementation Services

Elvis DAM implementation starts with analysis of the workflows in the departments that will start using Elvis DAM. During the workflow analysis, additional information is captured such as key process metadata, categories, permissions, formats, etc. During analysis, knowledge of common DAM system features and best practices plays an important role in positioning the questions and leading the discussions in such a way that the users start visualizing how they will be using the system in the future. This leads into:

Metadata Analysis Categorization/Taxonomy Analysis Security Analysis Asset Analysis Customization Analysis

The completion of all of the above analysis steps will produce the necessary information to plan the detailed future workflow and state diagrams of the system. All of the analysis results are then used in the configuration and development phase of the project.

Before delivering the system to the users for acceptance, the key is to train the users. Training sessions will direct the users to follow the standard workflows in the system and will prevent them from getting confused and getting lost in a DAM system. It will also help them accept the system as part of their daily jobs because knowledge will give them courage and power to explore and learn more on their own.

It is not easy to deliver a perfect system.  Changes may be made at the end of the deployment to improve user acceptance.   The users will also start using the system in their workflows at this point and iterations will become inevitable. CyanGate DAM consultants would already be aware of this and will be ready to make the proper adjustments in workflows, metadata and other aspects of the system that will please the users and improve the acceptance rates.Finally implementation is completed by transitioning the technical and operational details of the system to the IT staff of the customer.

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