Elvis DAM Integration

Elvis DAM generates the greatest value when Elvis DAM is fully integrated with the rest of the business systems.   Elvis DAM integrates natively with WoodWing Software's Enterprise and Aurora publishing products, however Elvis DAM's APIs enable Elvis to integrate with other software.

By leveraging Elvis DAM's APIs, Elvis DAM can integrate with web content management (WCM), customer relationship management (CRM), Salesforce.com, rights management, master data management (MDM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), marketing resource management (MRM), product information management (PIM), rights management, and delivery and transcoding systems.

The Elvis DAM integrations are mostly valuable for repurposing metadata in Elvis DAM or leveraging the asset metadata in other systems. Access of assets from other systems such as websites, portals, marketing resource management systems, etc. is possible through Elvis DAM's APIs.

Integration Examples:

  • PIM: Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Stibo STEP
  • CMS / WCM: Jahia CMS, Wordpress
  • Salesforce.com
  • Rights Management and Talent Management: FADEL Rights Cloud
  • Workflow / Project Management solutions

CyanGate can assist you with integrating Elvis DAM with other systems.  Contact us for a consultation.