FADEL Asset Rights Clearance Integration with OpenText Media Management

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Intellectual property management is a key facet for digital asset management.  Today, managing access rights for assets became easier for OpenText Media Management (OTMM) users.   FADEL and CyanGate are happy to announce the integration between FADEL Asset Rights Clearance (ARC) program and OpenText Media Management.  The integration streamlines the approval and production cycles by enabling OTMM users to identify and approve asset rights in a single workflow.

FADEL and CyanGate are happy to demonstrate how the integration will help you organize and regulate your intellectual property efficiently.

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What Is FADEL Asset Rights Clearance?

The FADEL Asset Rights Clearance (ARC) solution automates rights clearance in real-time – ensuring digital and non-digital assets are properly checked and cleared against contract terms. The product allows users to upload their digital asset information into the Cloud and run queries and analytics simultaneously against specific rights data sets. Additionally the product includes a set of publicly available Web services so that digital content and distribution systems, as well as federated search platforms, can connect to ARC and clear digital asset usage in real-time.

With this real-time automation, users benefit from accelerated asset discovery and clearance, reduced overhead costs, better reuse of existing assets and potential new revenue opportunities. Companies are able to mitigate clearance risks by reducing unauthorized asset use and creating an audit trail to track compliance. From concept to product, ARC empowers a faster production cycle by enabling business users to quickly and easily use desired digital assets while ensuring that compliance is being met.

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