OpenText Media Management Customization

Due to the different processes and workflows, businesses have different feature requirements that DAM may not have out-of-the-box. When configuration or integration is not possible to achieve the desired result, customization is the answer. OpenText Media Management / SAP DAM are flexible support customizations, and CyanGate has been creating, developing, and supporting customizations for OTMM for over two decades. Due to CyanGate's experience in making success customizations possible, OpenText relies upon CyanGate to take OTMM to the next level for its customers.


CyanGate OTMM Customization Team

CyanGate leverages its in-house development office of OpenText consultants to ensure the quality of customizations without the loss of quality that occurs from outsourcing.  The developers are supported by Senior Solution Architects with over twenty years of experience dating back to their time as OpenText Professional Services Team members.


CyanGate OTMM Customization Approach

As a best practice, CyanGate recommends configuration over customization whenever possible. To help future-proof customizations, CyanGate designs customizations to for ease of upgrading in future OTMM releases. To help customers after customizations are live, CyanGate offers support packages to maintain customizations for new OTMM releases.

When new OTMM / SAP DAM out-of-the-box features make customizations no longer need, CyanGate helps customers transition their customization into a configuration change.


CyanGate's Customizations

For examples of our wide variety of DAM customization work, take a look at our featured projects.  Some of our past customizations include portals, tracking programs, and workflow solutions.

Need a customization for OpenText Media Management / SAP DAM? Contact us. CyanGate will help you push the limits of OTMM.

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