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Welcome to CyanGate's OpenText Media Management Apps Store. CyanGate's OTMM apps expand OTMM beyond its out of the box functionality without the need to leverage complex custom coding or custom built integrations. Each product is fully supported by CyanGate and kept up to date with the latest releases of OTMM.

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Bulk Edit Tool

Do you have a lot of metadata to edit? Bulk metadata edits should not be a hassle. By using the Bulk Edit Tool you are able to save time.

The Bulk Edit Tool enables users to export metadata into Excel, change the metadata in Excel, and upload the Excel change back into OTMM. OTMM will apply the metadata changes the the assets.

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Salsify - OTMM Connector

The Salsify - OTMM Connector is a CyanGate product that integrates OpenText Media Management with Salsify without the complications of a customized API Integration. The Salsify - OTMM Connector syncs metadata and assets between the two systems.

AEM - OTMM Connector

Have Adobe Experience Manager and need a better way to access approved assets from OpenText Media Management? The solution is the AEM-OTMM Connector. The AEM-OTMM Connector integrates Adobe Experience Manager with OpenText Media Management. AEM users can access OTMM within AEM. The web team can drag-and-drop, crop, resize, transform and adjust assets for web use without damaging and asset or creating a new version. The connector passes information from AEM such as asset usage and location back to OTMM enabling user to generate reports within OTMM and Analytics.

FADEL Rights Cloud Connector

Expand OpenText Media Management's rights and talent management capabilities by integrating OTMM with FADEL Rights Cloud. Apply multiple rights contracts to the same asset and gain better visibility of the rights with OTMM when hovering over assets.

Cloud Storage Plugin


CyanGate's Cloud Storage Plugin enables users to place their assets in several storage systems. The applications supports Amazon Web Services, Windows Azure, Rackspace, NetApp, Scality, CleverSafe, HGST ActiveScale, Verizon Cloud Storage, Quantum Lattus and Google Cloud Storage. To OTMM Folder Sync Plugin


The Salesforce - OTMM Connector syncs activities between the two systems. When a campaign is created in Salesforce, a folder will be created in OpenText Media Management. Objects within the folders will remain synced between the two systems.

Advanced OTMM and Salesforce integrations are available under CyanGate's Salesforce Services.

About CyanGate Salesforce Services

Asset Migration Tool

CyanGate's Asset Migration Tool expands OTMM's out of the box migration tools. CyanGate's Asset Migration Tool enables users to schedule assets migrations and tag assets with metadata during the migration progress. The Asset Migration Tool is excellent for migrating assets during implementation and daily use for high volume asset intake. The Asset Migration Tool is kept up to date with each version enabling users to migrate assets to new versions of OTMM.

Bulk Search / SKU Search

The Bulk Search / SKU Search enables users to export and search assets from OTMM. The CSV file will contain asset metadata, cross references and light box functionality. Users can click links within the CSV to access the assets from the DAM.

The Bulk Search Tool provides SKU Search capabilities retailers and CPG. The feature is especially useful to see all assets associated with a SKU when a mass update or rebranding is required. Users can search, export and share assets by SKU with others within the company, outside agencies, stores, vendors, and third-party retailers.

Print Contact Sheet

OTMM users can print contact sheets directly from OTMM without the use of an InDesign document. Select the assets you wish to print then click the plugin to create your contact sheet.

Public URL Copy

The Public URL tools creates URLs for assets or groups of assets. The URLS are dynamic and respond to changes in resolution, viewing and cropping. URL creators can apply download restrictions to assets contained within the link. The Public URLs provide SEO enhancements options for the links.

XMP Autolinker

The XMP Autolinker relates assets based upon the XMP import. The tool checks metadata in assets XMP headers, searches OTMM for same XMP data, and relates assets accordingly if relation between individual headers is enabled. The XMP Autolinker checks and relates assets in same batch. For example, if multiple assets are selected to import and there are relations in between these assets, the XMP Autolinker will related the assets to each other automatically.

Duplicate Asset Checker


The Duplicate Asset Checker checks for duplicate assets based upon import dates, file size, and metadata. When a duplicate is detected, the user is alerted to check the possible duplicates. Possible duplicates are automatically linked for review. The tool actively search for assets upon import, bulk upload, versioning, and check-in check-out.