OpenText Media Management Training

Successful OpenText Media Management (OTMM) systems must have a well trained users and support staff.  Properly training OTMM users ensures a high user acceptance for your investment in OTMM digital asset management system.  This is why CyanGate places a special emphasis on training and offers OpenText Media Management Training Services.

OTMM Training sessions will direct the users to follow the standard workflows in the system and will prevent them from getting confused and getting lost in OTMM. It will also help them accept the system as part of their daily jobs because knowledge will empower them to explore and learn more on their own. CyanGate uses a train-the-trainer method.  CyanGate will train the power users, manager and administrators who will train other end users.

At the customer's request, CyanGate will create training manuals and other materials to make training successful. For support staff, CyanGate will assist a customers support team before the project completion with maintenance and troubleshooting.

At the close of the implementation project, CyanGate will transition the technical and operational details of the system to the IT staff of the customer. CyanGate can help train users for your new OTMM or currently existing OTMM.  Contact us and let us know how we may assist you.