The Great DAM Bake Off at DAM New York 2019

One of the best session of each DAM event of Henry Stewart is the Bake Off. The purpose of the Bake off is to give 10 minutes to the vendors in order to follow the scenario suggested and prepared by Jarrod Gingras from Real Story Group.

It is the opportunity for the community to see how a DAM system can figure out to do the job, your job on the customer side beyond the usual marketing presentations. Frederic Sanuy and Dalim were winners in 2017. Last year Radmila Milenkovich from Fotoware was a great winner.

This year 3 contenders : 4ALLPORTAL, WoodWing Elvis DAM and DALIM SOFTWARE GmbH.

The Winner this year is Spencer Harris and 4ALLPORTAL, congrats to Spencer and his great experience from CyanGate and for the very great job and 4ALLPORTAL, for the DAM system that performed super well.

Below are the demo of each vendor in the bake off. The votes were roughly 66% 4ALLPORTAL, 33% Elvis DAM and the reminder Dalim.


WoodWing DEMO :