Upgrading Elvis DAM 4 To Elvis 6

The end of 2018 will mark the end of Elvis DAM 4.x.  WoodWing Software will end support for Elvis DAM 4.x on December 31, 2018, and users will need to migrate to Elvis DAM 6.X quickly.

Besides support for Elvis 4 ending, there are plenty of advantages to upgrade to Elvis 6:

  1. Elvis 6 does not use Adobe Air.
  2. Elvis 6 is more mobile.  No Elvis DAM Desktop Client is needed.   The drag-and drop-features in the Pro Web client enable users to access Elvis DAM from the most popular internet browsers.   The Elvis Agent syncs updates and versioning between desktop applications and Elvis.
  3. Managing Elvis 6 is easier.  Elvis 6 centralizes administrative functions into a centralized location with an improved user interface.
  4. Elvis 6 supports Adobe 2018 and 2019.
  5. Elvis 6 includes SSO and Event APIs.
  6. Searching in Elvis 6 is faster with Elasticsearch. Elasticsearch is the leading search engine for most modern applications.
  7. Elvis 6 scales better by using Elasticsearch.  Elvis 6 can search up to a billion assets and return results in milliseconds.  If you are currently working with a large repository in Elvis 4.X and struggling with speed, you will notice an improvement after upgrading to Elvis 6.

If you have Elvis 4 and need help upgrading to Elvis 6, the good news is CyanGate can help you.  CyanGate provide the full spectrum of Elvis DAM services for its customers from Cyangate’s offices in the United States and Turkey.  Please contact us to plan your upgrade.  If you have not tested Elvis before, use CyanGate’s free trial in the link below.

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