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For those who missed the Content Eureka! webinars, WoodWing posted their website for on demand viewing.

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About Content Eureka!

The marketing process has become chaotic – unplanned, ad hoc requests, multiple channels, multiple formats, non-linear systems and campaigns, etc.  Marketing departments are under increased pressure to get the correct content out to their target audience in shorter amounts of time.  Solving the efficiency problem requires integrating systems with digital asset management (DAM): website content management (WCM), product information management (PIM) and customer relationship management (CRM).  A video of an integrated DAM enterprise solution can be found in CyanGate’s blog post, How Digital Asset Management Will Improve Your Customers’ Experience.

The webinar series is based upon Michael Moon’s white paper, Content Marketing Infrastructure: Case for using digital asset management to speed content and customer engagement packets to market.  In his white paper, Mr. Moon provides data on the return on investment (ROI) companies receive when integrating their marketing systems in terms of cost reduction and increased revenue from shorter go-to-market cycles.

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