Salsify - OTMM Connector

Salsify - OTMM Connector

With CyanGate’s Salsify OTMM Connector, it is possible to keep the digital assets synchronized between OpenText Media Management and Salsify without the use of custom integrations! Addressing the most common problems such as missing information, changing content, and having consistency between product media and metadata, Salsify Connector helps you manage product information in the appropriate source of truth systems. It enables you to make product updates and leverage product assets to attract customers. More importantly, it will synchronize all the digital assets and their metadata within OTMM to Salsify. So, you can continuously change product content to match retailer and distributor needs.

Benefits of the Salsify Connector

  • Synchronize digital assets in OTMM and their metadata easily to products in Salsify.
  • Synchronize product information in Salsify with assets in OTMM.
  • Automate business workflows, data syncing, updates, and daily operations between OTMM and Salsify.
  • Minimize users' daily workload with schedulers running at adjustable intervals.
  • Easy to install.
  • Highly configurable. No custom code.
  • Full support for each release of OTMM and Salsify.

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