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Asset Link Publisher for OTMM

The Asset Link Publisher tool takes Adaptive Media Delivery (AMD) to the next level. The Asset Link Publisher Tool for OpenText Media Management(OTMM) creates URLs for assets or groups of assets

The dynamic URLs and respond to changes in resolution, viewing, and cropping. URL creators can apply download restrictions to assets contained within the link. The public URLs provide SEO enhancements options for the links.


Create URLs to share assets.

Crop and change resolution.

Assets respond dynamically to changes.

Apply restrictions on how assets are used.

SEO Options for public URL links.

Provides a client interface for Adaptive Media Delivery (AMD)

Supports all formats that
AMD supports and it can
also stream the previews
for PDFs, Video files and
office documents.

Benefits of the Asset Link Publisher Tool

Provide live links that reflex changes to an asset without the need to recreate or send new assets

Increase asset usage with SEO enhancements.

Regulate the viewing and sharing of assets.

Quick integration to external systems such as marketing platforms, CMS systems, and more.

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