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Bulk Search Tool

The Bulk Search / SKU Search Tool for OpenText Media Management enables users to export and search assets from OTMM. The CSV file will contain asset metadata, cross references and light box functionality. Users can click links within the CSV to access the assets from the DAM. The Bulk Search Tool provides SKU Search capabilities retailers, manufacturers and Consumer Product Goods (CPG). The feature is especially useful to see all assets associated with a SKU when a mass update or rebranding is required. Users can search, export and share assets by SKU with others within the company, outside agencies, stores, vendors, and third-party retailers

Key Features

  • Export Data From OTMM into a CSV file.
  • Access assets within OTMM through embedded links within the CSV file.
  • Lightboxes to share assets with others.
  • Update assets within the CSV file for mass updates and rebranding then apply the changes to OTMM.
  • SKU search capabilities.
  • Supported in OTMM 16.5 and 16.3.

Benefits of the Bulk Search Tools

Distribute assets to outside agencies, stores, vendors, third-party retailers, and others in an easy to use format reducing the Go To Market time.

Edit and update assets in bulk for faster product launches, rebranding and seasonal updates.

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