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We provide a full spectrum of Digital Asset Management (DAM) services ranging from business needs analysis to DAM system maintenance with over 15 years of expertise.
Our consultants have worked with clients and partners across different industries and company sizes, from medium to Fortune 500.

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Needs Analysis and Solution Design

We analyze and design the optimal solution according to your business needs. We have piece by piece in a phased approach. Our analysis consists of understanding current systems and processes, current business workflows, and mining the specific data points that will reveal the possibility of using a different industry standard and well-accepted methods and technologies in the future.

By benefitting from our best practices, as a customer, you will learn not only what are the best industry standards for your DAM but also have the knowledge to stay ahead of the competition. An adequately designed DAM system involves asset distribution, workflow efficiency, rights management, copyright protection, and more to reach the highest Return on Investment (ROI).

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Digital Asset Management Implementation is a straightforward process. Our DAM consultant team matches the implementation of the organizational culture, workflows, specific strategies and involves the users in the whole phase to minimize the resistance to change.

DAM Implementations are only considered successful when users start using them with joy when the system goes live. If the implementation makes the old processes more cumbersome and challenging to work with, users will resist changing, and implementation will fail.

We focus on user acceptance because understanding the user community is critical in all DAM initiatives. We start our work with successful closure in mind, rather than open-ended deadlines that will not produce results and cost much more than expected.

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DAM integrations are primarily valuable for transferring metadata in the DAM system and leveraging the asset metadata in other systems to improve customer interaction and experience. Integrations provide access to assets from other systems such as websites, portals, marketing resource management systems, etc. is possible.

DAM systems are integrated with other solutions to level up your business workflows. It could either be storage, Product Information Management (PIM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, or many others. 

With years of experience observing and analyzing our clients’ pain points, we have developed a no-code iPaaS solution allowing media transcoding and easy integration between different systems. OneTeg is the only solution you need for your systems to work in harmony most efficiently.

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Instead of a generic approach, we tailor our training for each client with client-specifics. To reach your highest Return on Investment (ROI), we divide and customize your training for end-users, power-users, and admins.

To maintain and troubleshoot your DAM, we provide Change Management and Knowledge Transfer support to help your transition into a new way of working. At the end of the implementation, we transition all the technical and operational details of the system to your IT staff and DAM administrators.

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Upgrading and Patching

Upgrading your DAM system may not be easy to handle due to several reasons. You may be lacking technical expertise, resources, or time.
Our consultants have deep knowledge of several DAM solutions dating back to 2000, have completed many upgrades over the years, and ensure you have a successful system upgrade.

DAM System Health Check

To optimize the performance of a DAM system according to DAM vendor’s recommendations and your business needs, we provide a System Health Check. Your DAM system performance may decline due to many reasons.

We analyze, detect errors, and report our findings with our recommendations for configuration instead of customization, environment improvement (hosted / cloud / on-premises), risk mitigation, and system improvement action plan.

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DAM Technical Managed Services

CyanGate offers an array of Digital Asset Management Technical Managed Services ranging from on-demand expertise to a turnkey services solution depending upon the customer’s need and Service Level Agreement (SLA). Technical Managed Services can be provided via on-premises, in the customer’s cloud, or a partner-hosted cloud.