Technical Managed Services

Sometimes DAM teams need additional help to augment their staff's expertise on digital asset management - especially technical expertise. This is true when planning business continuity. To remedy the situation, CyanGate offers DAM Technical Managed Services.

DAM Technical Managed Services Offerings

CyanGate offers an array of Digital Asset Management Technical Managed Services ranging from on-demand expertise to a turnkey services solution depending upon the customer's need and Service Level Agreement (SLA). Technical Managed Services can be provided via on-premise, in the customer's cloud, or a partner hosted cloud. Services can include:

  • Ticket escalation, resolution, and management - including with the software vendor
  • Training
  • System Monitoring
  • Ad hoc configuration
  • Developer Training
  • Code review
  • Off hours support
  • Routine Health Checks
  • Integration support
  • Staff Augmentation

Why Techncial Managed Services Needed?

Technical Managed Services are usually required in the following situation:

  • Business continuity - especially during staff changes
  • Technical expertise or DAM subject matter expert needed
  • Shortage of IT resources or overhead concerns
  • Managed ticket resolution process
  • Troubleshooting as needed
  • Integration or customization support
  • By leveraging Technical Managed Services, you ensure your DAM investment by having a CyanGate Consultant to assist your team.

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