CyanGate designs, delivers, and supports award-winning Digital Asset Management (DAM) Solutions. CyanGate specializes in DAM system architecture design, Enterprise DAM implementations, and integrations. We ensure our clients reduce operational costs, return on investment, and improve productivity through our Digital Asset Management Solutions.

Our Strong and long-term partnerships and years of experience provide an envisioned perspective of DAM consultancy. We develop innovative, unique solutions.OneTeg allows you to integrate different systems to cut costs, save time and increase efficiency. Besides Digital Asset Management, CyanGate provides solutions to its customers including S-Drive and integrations between and DAM/MAM solutions.

S-Route live agent enhancer improving skills-based routing in Salesforce. Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, with an office in Ankara, Turkey, CyanGate provides global digital asset management and solutions. CyanGate’s customers include global Fortune 500 companies in diverse industries such as Retail, Publishing, Life Sciences, CPG, Public Sector, Media, and Broadcasting.

What We Do

CyanGate sees safeguarding and sharing media files is becoming not just common place but essential for survival for many companies. Often companies share valuable information with suppliers to increase efficiency and create synergies. Many companies share with their customers rich media files such as photos, audio clips, video demos and software part of their everyday operations. Customers, suppliers and partner companies often need to share files that are too large to email. In addition, storage needs for digital assets are increasing. As a result, companies must find a platform where they can organize and securely store their files while giving authorized employees, customers, suppliers and partners access to them. The solution is a digital asset management system.

Ignoring the need for a digital asset management system affects a company's bottom line. Corrupted, lost or misplaced files take time to replace and waste the company’s human resources. Misuse of copyrights may result in penalties, fines and lost revenue.

The digital asset management experts at CyanGate are ready and eager to assist companies in finding solutions to their file storage and sharing needs by offering digital asset management software such as 4ALLPORTAL, OpenText Media Management and creating custom software solutions. For example, CyanGate offers affordable, secure, unlimited file storage and file sharing through its S-Drive application for users and OneTeg streamlines asset sharing and repurposes assets across platforms and infrastructure.

Our experienced technical engineers assist companies throughout the entire process of creating a custom designed DAM system by performing readiness analysis and needs analysis, working with companies to identify solutions and create a custom DAM system, assisting with DAM implementation and integration with other technologies, and providing professional support services for technical problems.