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What is OpenText Content Hub for Publishers?

OpenText Content Hub for Publishers (CHP) is a dynamic platform revolutionizing the way news organizations handle content. It serves as a comprehensive solution for content receipt, enrichment, creation, packaging, delivery, archival, and syndication. With CHP, newsrooms can efficiently manage the vast volumes of content encountered daily, streamline distribution across multiple channels, and provide packaged content for syndication.

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Benefits of Content Hub for Publishers

With Content Hub for Publishers, news organizations experience:

Faster Time to Market

Centralized repository, automated format conversion, content portals, and rights management facilitate quicker publishing across digital and print channels.

Regional and Localized Support

Easily manage regional publications, shared content repositories, and controlled access.

Efficient Content Management

Archive and manage "owned" content in a searchable library, enhancing reuse for stock images, research, and more.

Intuitive Interface

A user-friendly interface ensures smooth navigation and operation.

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CyanGate, Your Trusted Partner for
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Unique Expertise

Benefit from our extensive experience in content management solutions. Our skilled team ensures seamless integration and maximizes CHP's benefits.

Tailored Solutions

We understand that each organization is unique. CyanGate customizes CHP to align perfectly with your publishing ecosystem, ensuring optimal performance.

Full Support

From initial training to ongoing support, CyanGate stands by your side, equipping you to overcome any challenges.


Discover how CyanGate enhances OpenText Content Hub for Publishers (CHP) with a range of powerful features and user-centric enhancements:

User Interface

  • Panelized UI: Seamlessly manage multiple content items and tasks within the same workspace.
  • Workspaces: Enhance productivity across multiple screens with customizable workspaces.
  • Configurable Themes: Tailor the interface to your preferences with configurable themes.
  • Dashboards: Access essential tools and information swiftly with customizable dashboards.
  • Feeds: Folders seen on the UI which can be organized and sent to the configuration automatically.
  • Warnings: Highlight critical information with color-coded warnings. Warnings are additional metadata that highlight the potential consequences of using content.

Story Management

  • Content Authoring: Utilize rich text editing tools to craft compelling content with styling, tables, and embedded links.
  • Caption Edits: Modify captions seamlessly for enhanced content presentation.
  • Story Templates: Expedite content creation with quick-start layouts for common story formats.
  • Multichannel Story Versions: Publish diverse variants to different channels effortlessly.
  • Genealogy View: Track the evolution of stories through distinct versions with genealogy view.

Content Management

  • Rights Management: Ensure compliance by tracking the creative rights of assets.
  • Lifecycle Management Rules: Implement weeding (automatic time-based deletion of assets) and retention policies effectively.
    • Assets that are archived will not be deleted
    • Assets that have usage records will not be deleted.
    • Assets that are parked will not be deleted.
  • Publication Browser: Navigate through published editions and archive PDF pages seamlessly.


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Picture Management

  • Color Profile Transformations: Manage color profiles to conform images to specific standards.
  • Picture Versions: Attach additional binary objects to pictures for enhanced management.
  • Markup Support: Define cropping areas and use pre-defined markup templates for controlled aspect ratios.

Video Management

  • Frame Grab: Extract still pictures from videos effortlessly.
  • Clipping Tool: Create new video sequences by extracting and reassembling sub-clips.
  • Video Storyboard Overview: Utilize automatic scene change detection for efficient video management.


  • Asset Template Manager: Configure results lists and summary fields for different user sets.
  • Results Browser Manager: Customize panel arrangements for search results based on specific requirements.
  • Hot Topics: Stay updated with semantic-based summaries of trending topics.
  • Advanced and Quick Search: Easily find content with quick and advanced search functionalities.


  • Background Task Management: Streamline long-running operations such as bulk edits and exports.
  • Workflow Designer: Create custom state-based workflows tailored to your organization's needs.
  • System Process Manager: Implement complex processes using predefined modules and custom scripting.
  • Planner: Organize workflows into a structured hierarchy and schedule tasks efficiently.
  • Publishing Hub: Plan and coordinate packages of content for seamless publication.


  • Portal Mode: Embed CHP functionality into third-party products seamlessly.
  • Plugin Framework: Extend the user interface with custom tools for enhanced functionality.
  • CMIS Standard Web Services API: Access CHP functionalities through REST and SOAP-based bindings for seamless integration.

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