Unlock the Potential of Your Digital Media

Let your Digital Asset Management System be the fuel of your business.

  • Find what you need
  • Regulate digital assets
  • Manage digital asset distribution
  • Authorize users for access
  • Automate workflows

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Enhancing Your Customer Relationship with Effective Customer Communication 

Streamline Your Customer Communications with CyanGate's CCM Solutions

  • Personalized and efficient communications
  • Simple content creation
  • Targeted messaging with streamlined processes
  • Data privacy and industry compliance
  • Unified messaging across all channels
  • Informed decision making with analytics

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Customer Communications Management


DAM Implementation,
Deployment & Customization



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Our Unique Products

Designed as one sole source of workflow automation for all integration needs. OneTeg provides a simple and easy integration environment for digital content, documents, and data with no-code.

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S-Drive Logo

S-Drive offers an easy-to-use interface to distribute documents, and there are no limitations in terms of the size or number of files you can upload.

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S-Route ensures your customers will always be sent to the most-skilled agent trained to handle customer-specific issues and to resolve them quickly for the optimal customer experience. 

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DAM Features

Improve Access
Outside of the Office

Use the web to improve file accessibility from any location according to your organization’s needs.

Your Assets

Store all your files in one secure location to locate them easily and to leverage content in multiple systems with ease.

Find Your Assets

Find any file in milliseconds with a powerful search feature and properly labeled and tagged files.

Your Rich Media

Use a Digital Asset Management system to organize and work with all media file types. Take advantage of repurposing assets within the DAM to save time and money.

Your Assets

Use a DAM to keep your company information secure and confidential. Regulate people's access to files and copyrights.

Share and Distribute
Your Content

Share files with customers and coworkers by sending a link where they can download large files without using FTP, Dropbox and similar tools.

Salesforce Features

Next-Gen Live Agent on Service Cloud

Live Agent on Salesforce Service Cloud is now enhanced by S-Route, which elevates skills-based routing by assigning customers to the most available agent and providing a compact view of the overall Live Agent processes.

Fool-Proof Salesforce Implementation

Our Salesforce team consists of professionals, and Salesforce Admins help you implement your Salesforce platform without any leaks.

Customization According to Your Needs

Setting up your workflows in Salesforce can be challenging since it is a highly customizable platform. Our team manages to customize your SFDC environment according to your specific business needs.

End-to-End Document Management

S-Drive, developed by CyanGate and native to Salesforce, enables true document lifecycle management together with unlimited storage, online content authoring, and records management on AppExchange.

Where Are You in Your DAM Journey?

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Learning About DAM

We analyze and design the optimal solution according to your business needs. We have piece by piece in a phased approach. More...



Digital Asset Management Implementation is a straightforward process. Our DAM consultant team matches the implementation of the organizational culture, workflows, and specific strategies and involves the users in the whole phase to minimize the resistance to change. More....




DAM integrations are primarily valuable for transferring metadata in the DAM system and leveraging the asset metadata in other systems to improve customer interaction and experience. More.....




Instead of a generic approach, we tailor our training for each client with client-specifics. To reach your highest Return on Investment (ROI), we divide and customize your training for end-users, power-users, and admins. More.....



Talk to an Expert

“We are using Elvis DAM on our server to Control All HUGE Digital Assets for the governmental section.”

Abulkhair Hejazy
Creative Director at Arriyadh Development Authority

“With the power of Rights Cloud, we are able to support global product launches, empower content reuse and track expiration dates with ease.”

Ken Wilson
Associate Manager, Communication Libraries and DAM, Kohler

“We had a great partner in CyanGate. Throughout the entire implementation process, they were really considerate of our corporate needs and gave us enough time.”

Abby Edwards
Marketing Communication Specialist at Drees Homes

“Elvis DAM enables us to organize and bring more structure to our vast asset collections and to share these assets with others easily.”

Stacy Shulman
CIO at American Apparel

“Before we implemented Elvis DAM, we had no central library for all of our images; there was no system to manage our digital assets at all, for that matter. Now, the workflows are much more efficient, and the marketing team can do considerably more work in the same amount of time.”

Cheryl Reynolds
Vice President of IT at Drees Homes