Improve PR campaigns and marketing efforts for your institution, widen the services brought to patients and reach more people while complying with regulations.

Get your assets in order

Digital Asset Management (DAM) allows you to find what you need whenever you want by tagging your digital assets. You can set custom authorization for different users to have the required access. Categorization and classification specific to your organization’s needs would make your staff save lots of time.

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Distribute content

Videos of surgeries, special treatments, organizational success, or any media asset you have can be easily managed with a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system uniquely designed for you. Share your expertise and know-how with your current and potential patients. Make sure your media is displayed in the right channels and format.

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Comply with regulations

Stick with HIPPA; ensure your retention policies are set based on health data privacy laws and regulations. Focus on saving lives when your DAM secures all your data.

Secure all the data

Easily decide which users are authorized to do actions such as preview, download, edit, share, etc. Always stay safe and secure your business and customers’ information.

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