Build and maintain brand recognition by managing your digital media assets.

One repository for all your assets

Collect all your media in your DAM system to reach and utilize it any time you want. Set custom authorization for different types of users. No time will be lost when users leverage DAM as a content library.

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Control the versions of your content

A Digital Asset Management solution helps you to control user permissions. You can control the versions of your content and allow your users to access only the approved assets while keeping all the outdated ones hidden from them.

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Keep your brand up to date

You may still see your brand’s old logo formats on the Internet. But you can always keep your brand up to date with a single DAM solution. Keep your old logo files away from circulation and share the latest assets of your brand.

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Elevate institutional content distribution

Share your institution’s academic achievements, rewards, events, and student life. Optimize marketing efforts and content delivery by minimizing risk expenses while saving time.

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Speak to your audience beyond campus

A Digital Asset Management (DAM) system designed specifically for your institution powers brand identity. Make sure the correct media is displayed on the right channel, do not leave a place for mistakes starting today.

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