Let’s meet S-Drive, the most mature and highest-rated document management solution on AppExchange! It is a Salesforce native, secure, easy to use, and unlimited file storage solution with Amazon’s secure file storage services.

S-Drive offers an easy-to-use interface to distribute documents, and there are no limitations in terms of the size or number of files you can upload. More importantly, there is no need for costly professional services to set up and configure S-Drive in Salesforce. It is available on AppExchange, lightning-ready, and fully compatible with the Salesforce ecosystem. 

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Let’s meet S-Route, the most-skilled live agent in S-Route ensures your customers will always be sent to the most-skilled agent trained to handle customer-specific issues and to resolve them quickly for the optimal customer experience. 

It is easy to use and train. Rather than navigating through many Salesforce menus and settings, S-Route transforms skill-based routing and agent management into one easy step. It also has a built-in guide to help with the initial setup, which is updated with every release. 

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