Records Management for OTMM

Automate expired asset removal by the Records Management Tool for OTMM.

Dealing with the expired assets which need to be removed can be tedious. Doing this manually can do moreharm than good sometimes. Records Management Tool automates this process for OTMM users.

Records Management Tool for OTMM can find the expired assets based on your criteria, and then delete or completely purge them. Moreover, it can notify the users days before the expiration of an asset, so you can avoid unpleasant surprises.

Key Features

Create a retention policy that brings all assets or only some based on a saved search.

Create a recycle bin policy that brings assets to the recycle bin.

Select a wide retention period option, from days to years.

Select retention start date as the import data or custom metadata.

Determine what will happen to expired assets; mark them for the deletion or purge them completely.

Choose the people who will get notifications before removing an asset.

Select how many days before the expiry date of an asset to notify the people.

Disable a policy to make it stop working easily without the need to delete it.

Get an email about all processed assets after Records Management Tool runs.

Discover the Benefits

  • Automates all the asset retention processes for you.
  • Regulates such processes based on some predetermined criteria.
  • Secures the whole operation as only the authorized users can see or edit policy settings.
  • Notifies people about soon-to-be-deleted assets.
  • Reports the summary of the last operation including any warnings or errors.

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