Upgrades and Patches

New DAM releases provide new features, include security patches, and leverage the latest technology. As a best practice, your DAM needs to be updated regularly, however upgrading the DAM might not be easy for several reasons:

Some DAM solutions require technical expertise to ensure customizations, integrations, and workflows function correctly after the upgrade

Resources are not available to upgrade the DAM.

Upgrade is delayed due to large projects.

The DAM is several versions behind the latest version.

An out-of-the-box feature may cause a customization to be redundant

DAM upgrades and patches are not a problem for CyanGate. CyanGate consultants have deep knowledge of several DAM solutions dating back to 2000, completed many upgrades over the years, and know how to make your upgrade successful. For examples of upgrades, take a look at the CyanGate projects.

CyanGate will be able to assist you with upgrading and patching your DAM. Contact us to learn how CyanGate can help you with your upgrade and applying patches.

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