Digital Asset Management Training

Successful DAM systems must have a well trained users and support staff. Properly training DAM users ensures a high user acceptance and a return on your investment. This is why CyanGate places a special emphasis on training.

CyanGate Training Approach

Many DAM vendors offer training classes with generic training materials and video. The generic, cookie cutter approach usually leads to poor user adoption since the training materials do not match the how the DAM is configured nor matches the workflows within the DAM. Clearly, generic training is not a best DAM practice.

Instead of generic training on how to use the DAM, CyanGate tailors its training to a customer's specific configuration and workflows. CyanGate creates training manuals and other training materials specific to the customer's configuration and user profiles to make training successful. Training sessions will direct end users, power users, and administrators to follow the workflows in the system according to the customer's configuration. Trainees will learn only their functionality. Administrators learn end user and power users functions so that the administrators can support their DAM users once the system goes live and can train future users. Through this guided method, user adoption will be higher and ROI will be faster.

Training Methodology

CyanGate uses a train-the-trainer method. CyanGate will train the power users, manager, UAT testers, and administrators who will train other end users in future DAM rollout phases.

Knowledge Transfer and Change Management

Throughout an implementation project, CyanGate will provide Change Management and Knowledge Transfer support to help the customer transition into a new way to work, rollout the DAM efficiently, and understand how to maintain and troubleshoot their DAM. At the close of the implementation project, CyanGate will transition the technical and operational details of the system to the customer's IT staff and DAM administrators

Need Assistance?

CyanGate consultants can help train users for your new or current DAM and create the training materials to ensure long term success and user adoption. Contact us and let us know how we may assist you.

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