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Health Check

A DAM project is not won and done. A DAM require maintenance and fine tuning over time. When maintenance is forgotten, hiccups occur. Performance starts to decline, and user satisfaction decreases. Major organization changes such as staff leaving or a new business unit or onboarding a new brand may cause disruptions in the DAM. When a DAM starts to fail to perform or a major change is planned, a second pair of eyes is needed to examine the DAM's performance. That is why CyanGate offers the DAM Health Check Service.

Why A Health Check?

Over time, environment performance may decline, system users' needs might not be met due to changes, and configurations or customizations may need adjusted. In the case of customizations, newer release features may render customizations obsolete.

The CyanGate Health Check's goals are to optimize the DAM's performance according to DAM vendor's recommendations and the customer's business requirements. Through the DAM Health Check, you will receive feedback and instructions how to increase your ROI in your DAM investment.

Health Check Plan

The CyanGate DAM consultants review the following during a DAM Health Check:

  • System performance
  • Security
  • Stability
  • Usability
  • Customizations
  • Inventory
  • Hardware / cloud environment
  • System Documentation

After the DAM Health Check is completed, CyanGate issues the customer a system report and recommendations. Recommendations may include :

  • Leveraging configuration over customization
  • Improving the environment (hosted / cloud / on-premise)
  • Error detection and investigation
  • Risk mitigation
  • Plan of action to improve the system

With the DAM Health Check results, the customer receives a detail plan to improve their system.

When Are DAM Health Checks Needed?

We recommend the DAM Health check for the following circumstances:

  • Decline in system performance
  • Decline in user adoption / satisfaction
  • Before major or minor upgrades
  • Before making changes to the environment
  • Before making large changes to the configuration
  • Before considering replacing an existing DAM system

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