Needs Analysis and
Solution Design

Digital Asset Management Needs Analysis Projects

CyanGate has over twenty years of experience in DAM projects across different industries. Levering our experience, we can design a DAM solution to fit your organization's business requirements. CyanGate brings the following advantages to Needs Analysis and Solution Design projects:

Solid Methodology - By asking the right questions, CyanGate will uncover areas not previously considered. By finding the answers, CyanGate will ensure a successful design that matches your company's requirements.

Best Practices - Our experience in different industries enables our consultants to recommend the best configurations. In other words, we have seen it before and will not have to reinvent the wheel. As a customer, you will learn not only what is the best industry standards for your DAM but also have the knowledge to stay ahead of the competition.

Return on Investment (ROI) - A properly designed DAM should help you improve your asset distribution, enable efficient workflows, rights management, copyright protections, to name a few.

Needs Analysis Services are available to prospective, new, and current DAM users to optimize their new DAM or current DAM. Prospective DAM customers may leverage Need Analysis Services to create a blueprint design for a DAM or prepare to issue a DAM RFP.

Our DAM Consulting Approach

Business Analysis starts with understanding the needs for an organization's digital asset management (DAM) solution. The better the needs of an organization are known and analyzed, the better the quality of the DAM configuration will be. Although companies believe that the needs of the organization are known, they tend to miss the fact that the recognition of an organization’s needs is limited by the experience of the staff members within the same organization. Our experience gained through the analysis and implementation of many DAM systems enriches the analysis process for identifying the requirements of the DAM system. CyanGate brings to its clients' experience in the implementation of many DAM systems in industries such as retail, publishing, broadcasting, and non-profit. This experience is what makes CyanGate consultants DAM consultants.

A CyanGate DAM consultant will ask questions about the existing workflows in the company. This is a good starting step for understanding the current systems and processes. During these Q&A sessions, a DAM consultant will start mining for specific data points that will reveal the possibility of using a different industry standard and well-accepted processes and technologies in the future. For example, questioning the photographers about the software tools and the cameras they use may help identify the potential of using XMP data in the system as well as increase understanding of the format handling needs of the company. Analysis of the current business workflows allows the DAM consultants not just to document these processes but also to produce better future workflows and well-defined requirements. The analysis produces the blueprint that is used to build the ideal DAM system that will meet the company’s particular needs.

Our Phased Approach

Years of experience have proved that a single upfront analysis may not be the ideal solution. CyanGate recommends tackling the system piece-by-piece in a phased approach. Each phase is an iteration of its own that teaches the organization how to work with the new systems and speeds up the ROI realization.

In each phase, based on the priorities of the organization, either the scope is based on the user groups (i.e. Marketing, Creative, etc.) or the types of digital assets (i.e. Photography, Editorial), or a combination of the two. At the end of every step, users start visualizing the DAM system and understanding the benefits. This engages the user groups in the analysis and implementation of the following phases. User involvement at every level is the most efficient way to implement a successful DAM system.

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