Bulent Dogan – Founder, Senior Solution Architect

Bulent's experience in Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Media Asset Management (MAM) dates back to 2000. He started his experience in DAM/MAM in 2000 as a member of the OpenText Digital Media Group (Artesia DAM) as a Technical Solutions Architect. In 2007, he founded CyanGate as a solution to provide cost effective service solutions for OpenText Media Management (OTMM) and SAP DAM.

In 2009, he added two additional services to CyanGate: S-Drive and WoodWing Assets (Elvis DAM). He included S-Drive for Salesforce.com to address the cloud storage needs for Salesforce.com end users. He added Elvis DAM to the CyanGate solutions portfolio as a cost effective DAM solution for departments and companies who needed a small to medium DAM solution. He became the first to bring Elvis DAM to Turkey and the United States.

With two decades of experience at Artesia, OpenText and CyanGate, he brings a plethora of experience in different DAM deployments and best practices. As a result, he was able to craft CyanGate’s solid methodology to DAM / MAM projects to address the needs of CyanGate’s customers. As a result, customers receive faster deployments, solid integrations, and customizations that fit the customers’ needs. Besides DAM and MAM, Bulent brings Salesforce.com services and Amazon Web Services to CyanGate customers such as S-Drive and customizations for Salesforce.com.


OTMM / SAP DAM / Artesia DAM: Kansas City Southern Railways (KCS), CBS / Viacom, Kroger, Rockstar Games, Georgia Pacific, Central Arizona Project, SAF Holland, Wolverine World Wide, Cisco, Oracle, Kamehameha Schools, Vistaprint, Genentech, PBS, Columbia Sportswear, Fox Entertainment, Kohler, Monster Energy Drinks, Kraft-Heinz, USAA, Centurion, Hobby Lobby, Ralph Lauren, Smithsonian Institute, Verizon, Research in Motion, Hard Rock Café, Corus Entertainment, Oakley, Travel Channel Media Systems, Televisa, HBO, Premier Retail Network, CMP, AT&T, Lippincott, Random House, Target

WoodWing Assets (Elvis DAM) / Swivle: Brasscraft Manufacturing Company, Drees Homes, Union For Reformed Judaism, Delta Faucet Company, Oldcastle Architectural, Tana Bana Designs, Salesforce.com MAM Bridge for Elvis DAM, Elvis DAM Adobe Premiere integration

Salesforce: S-Drive, Artesia / OpenText Salesforce.com Integration

Amazon Web Service: Cloud Storage Plugin 

DAM Consulting: Designs Direct Creative Group

Other: OpenText Media Group Product Development, Artesia Workflow, Artesia PowerPoint Adaptor


Greg SanNicolas - Senior Solution Architect

Greg SanNicolas is a Senior Solution Architect at CyanGate. His experience with OpenText Media Management dates back to 1999 when he started is position at Artesia and Thomson Technology Services Group. After OpenText's acquisition of Artesia DAM, he became a member of the OpenText Professional Services Team. In addition to OTMM, he is experienced with MicroPact entellitrak Case Management for the public sector (both state and federal).


OTMM / Artesia DAM: USHMM, J. Paul Getty Trust, 2K Games, PBS, Wolverine World Wide, Solr Integration, Content Portal, Walt Disney Imagineering, Target, Accenture Broadcast Services, Kohler, McDonald's, Northrup Grumman, Sysco, Thomson Technology Services Group

MicroPact Case Management: Bureau of Indian Affairs , USAID , Ohio Taxation, NOAA, FDA

Other: IBM


Umut Dogan – Senior Team Lead / Senior Consultant

Umut is the Senior Team Lead at CyanGate’s development office in Ankara, Turkey. Umut is responsible for leading the development team and all technical aspects on projects.  These tasks include analysis, development, customizations and configuration of the OpenText Media Management (OTMM) and WoodWing Assets (Elvis DAM).  Umut has worked on OTMM and its predecessor, Artesia DAM, since 2007.

Besides digital asset management, Umut specializes in software development such as S-Drive, Amazon Web Services and Zoomify.  Prior to CyanGate, he served as a software developer and engineer on BOTAS ERP project and several other projects.


Kroger, Pandora Media, Georgia Pacific, Central Arizona Project, Magna, Genentech, Kamehameha Schools, Vistaprint, Columbia Sportswear, PBS, Fox Entertainment, Kohler, Kraft Heinz, Ralph Lauren, Hobby Lobby, Loblaw, Target, Verizon, Del Monte, McDonald’s, AMD, BBC, Sun Microsystems

WoodWing Assets (Elvis DAM):
Turkish Parliament, Arnavutkoy Municipality

S-Drive, Artesia / OpenText Salesforce.com Integration

FADEL Rights Cloud Plugin for OTMM, MediaDrop, Artesia Zoomify, Artesia FFMpeg Project


Alperen Atmaca – Senior Consultant 

Alperen has been in IT since 2001.  Alperen specializes in OpenText Media Management Integrations, WoodWing Assets (Elvis DAM), OpenText AppWorks, needs analysis, HTML5, web services and e-commerce solutions. He applies his UI/UX design and OpenText skills to design portals for CyanGate customers. In 2015, he developed the integration between OTMM and FADEL ARC. Outside of CyanGate, he is the founder and developer for Inomage and Argeparkweb developing web sites and web applications.  He was a contributor to .NET Starter & .NET Intermediate Training Books providing hundreds of questions and answers for Microsoft exams 70-305 and 70-306.


OTMM / SAP DAM: Kroger, Rockstar Games, Take-Two Interactive, PPG, Georgia Pacific,  Genentech, Central Arizona Project, Gojo Industries, Pandora Media, Bell Media, PBS, Vistaprint, Kraft Heinz, Fox Entertainment, Monster Energy, Kohler, USAA, Ralph Lauren, FADEL Rights Cloud Connector for OpenText Media Management, AEM Connector for OTMM, Cloud Storage Plugin for OTMM

WoodWing Assets (Elvis DAM): Oldcastle Architectural, Brasscraft Manufacturing Company, Drees Homes, Delta Faucet Company, Metadata Publish Plugin, STIBO PIM - WoodWing Assets Integration

Other: Pioneer Electronics and Digicom, LG Electronics, ATR Touristik Germany, Kalde

Nina Armstrong, PMP

Nina Armstrong is a Project Management Professional and Scrum Master with over 7 years' experience. She began her career in the construction field before moving into data management. Nina enjoys traveling and has previously lived in both Europe and Asia for several years. She also enjoys reading, movies and playing Magic the Gathering.

James Gabele - Account Executive

James heads the sales, marketing, partner program and account management at CyanGate. James leverages his analyst training, competitive intelligence in the DAM market and prior help desk experience to understand customer requirements and wants to determine the best solution for their long term success.  He provides DAM Discovery consulting services for companies searching for DAM solutions including writing DAM RFPs and project management. He is the primary contact for partnership inquiries.

James as a BA from the University of Dallas and a MA from the Institute of World Politics.


OTMM: PBS, J. Paul Getty Trust

WoodWing Assets (Elvis DAM) / Swivle: Brasscraft Manufacturing Company, Oldcastle APG, Union For Reformed Judaism, Delta Faucet Company

DAM Consulting: Designs Direct Creative Group

Concur: 2 implementations for Not-For-Profit Think Tanks

Other: Shenandoah's Pride (Dean's Foods), Dillard's, Fort Worth Museum of Science and History

Murat Aykanat, Ph.D.- Technical Team Lead
Murat is a technical team with thirteen years' experience in IT developing applications in corporate and academic customers.  Murat specializes in OpenText Media Management, AI, web applications, desktop applications, game development, and S-Drive development.

Murat finished his Ph.D. on machine learning and artificial intelligence research at Yildirim Beyazit University.  Prior to working at CyanGate, he was a founder and developer of his own software company,  Aykanat Software.


OTMM / SAP DAM: Walt Disney, Wolverine World Wide, Mars, L'Oréal, SAF-Holland, Cisco Systems, Pandora Media, Georgia Pacific, Central Arizona Project, Monster Energy, Magna International, Kamehameha Schools, Columbia Sportswear, Kraft-Heinz, Genentech, Vistaprint, USAA, Kohler, Google Vision API Plugin for OpenText Media Management, FADEL Rights Cloud Connector for OpenText Media Management, Salesforce.com - OpenText Media Management Integration

Salesforce: S-Drive

Other Projects and Products: Yildirim Beyazit University, Aykanat Software, Project Markdown, Wix XML Generator, NAudio Player

Publications: Published Guides, Classification of Lung Sounds Using Convolutional Neural Networks


Yasemin Doğancı - Software Developer

Yasemin is a Computer Engineering graduate from Bilkent University and passionate about software development.  At Bilkent, she participated in several projects, including Software Project Management, Product Line Engineering and Artificial Intelligence.  She is responsible for research and development on Salesforce.com and S-Drive projects.


SFDC: S-Drive, Apex Supply Chain Solutions, Monster Energy, IMS, Xperi, Electric Symphony Media, Jaguar Land Rover


At CyanGate's core is its talented staff of software engineers, developers, project managers, consultants and architects.  CyanGate's talented staff enables CyanGate to provide successful digital asset management, project information management, and Salesforce solutions.  The average CyanGate staff member has over eight years of experience in IT.