AEM - OTMM Connector

OpenText Media Management integrates with Adobe Experience Manager seamlessly enabling AEM users to access OTMM approved content from AEM. By leveraging the AEM-OTMM Connector, you will accelerate your go-to-market by reducing the time to receive approved assets for the web and gather more intelligence on web assets usage.



Key Features

  • Access both AEM and OTMM from the same platform and browser tab.
  • Apply OTMM Security & Login for AEM users.
  • Advanced Search Functionality for OTMM via AEM.
  • Drag & Drop Image into image components easily.
  • Based on user control assets are ingested or linked.
  • Display search results in AEM with a OTMM details without ingesting searched asset in AEM.
  • Resized assets to optimum resolution on demand via AMD.
  • Configure asset display and search criteria based on user preferences.
  • Track asset usage in AEM and OTMM. Feeds AEM data into Analytics and OTMM dashboards.
  • Supported by CyanGate and OpenText. Regularly updated for each OTMM release.


Benefits of the AEM-OTMM Connector

Web Content Administrators

  • Easily find and optimize approved assets
  • Easily edit approved assets
  • Generate consistent web optimized images
  • Centralized storage of content

Marketing and Brand Managers

  • Easily share approved assets
  • Substantial increase in content reuse
  • Minimize multiple repositories

Brand Executives

  • Faster Campaign time–to-market
  • More Customer Experiences with lower content production costs
  • Better visibility to asset use and ROI


Want More?

Want to learn more about the AEM-OTMM Connector? CyanGate provides live demos of the connector. Please fill out your information below to schedule a demo or inquire about pricing.