28 Apr 2021

3 Questions You Need To Start Your DAM Governance

Implementation of a new Digital Asset Management (DAM) system is not an easy task. The process takes time, resources, and of course, money. The truth is, after all those weeks (or months) of getting your DAM system ready, there is still work that needs to be done. 

Now that the system is in your hands – what is the best way to manage it? Where should you start? A simple answer to both of these questions – DAM governance. 

Governance in its simple form is managing and having control over something. In your case, it’s a plan that will help define the who, what, and how of your system. It will help keep your DAM on track and drive it towards any future goals. So, what information goes into DAM governance? Everything. Don’t let this one-word answer overwhelm you. A lot of the information you want to be documented is already information you know!

To get started, ask yourself – Who? What? How?

Who? Governance Board and User Community

  • Who will define the requirements for the DAM? Is there a core team, cross-section team, or a mixture of both?
  • Who are the users that will access the DAM?
  • Who is responsible for questions about the DAM?
  • Who is responsible for metadata review/audits?
  • Who is responsible for reporting? 
  • Who is responsible for technical issues?

What? Content

  • What should and should not be housed in the DAM?
  • What will happen when an asset expires?
  • What are your licensing requirements?
  • What assets have copyrights?
  • What metadata should and should not be exposed to users?
  • What role (user group) will have access to upload content?

How? Policies and process

  • How long should an asset stay in the DAM?
  • How will file naming conventions be utilized?
  • How often do you need to provide site analytics?
  • How often will the training be provided?
  • How are you going to track changes and requests?
  • How will changes in the DAM be communicated to your users?

Although this process seems daunting, it is necessary. A clean and organized system will create a consistent user experience and will stop your tool from becoming a digital dumping ground of unwanted content. For a system admin, it will be their how-to manual. It will also serve as a resource when there are changes within your team or the business stakeholders.

Governance will demonstrate your understanding of your DAM and how you want it to be managed. It is the foundation of your DAM and will aid in the process of providing your stakeholders with valuable information on their investment.

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