14 May 2019

Content Eye for Digital Content Tracking & Compliance

New York, NY – May 2, 2019 – FADEL®, the leader in Digital Rights Management for marketing and advertising content today announced the release of its new innovative solution that is part of the Rights Cloud™ family, Content Eye. Rights Cloud Content Eye is a powerful technology for content tracking and compliance of digital marketing campaigns. The solution empowers companies to find expiring assets in use across websites and detect published content with usage violations.

Content Eye helps companies find and track digital assets and content on web, e-commerce and social sites and check against its usage rights for compliance. Available as an add-on to Rights Cloud or standalone, the cloud-based solution will allow users to find their images published across a designated list of website domains, check if the images are rights-managed in Rights Cloud and determine if they are in compliance (expired; nearing expiration; valid; missing rights). With this technology, organizations can avoid copyright violations and gain a firm grasp on their risk exposure.

“It’s another proud moment for the FADEL team. We are pleased to announce another powerful and innovative solution, as part of the Rights Cloud offering, Content Eye,” says Tarek Fadel, Founder and CEO of FADEL. “After the successful adoption of Rights Cloud at many of the world’s largest brands, we heard our clients’ pain of having to deal with tracking their digital marketing content across their advertising supply chain. Brands have plenty of digital marketing content across their websites, e-commerce channels and social sites, including partner digital channels. Their risk exposure is constantly increasing, as they execute more digital marketing campaigns, and knowing where their content resides and when it expires, provides them the protection of ensuring compliance against the content usage terms. Content Eye is a sophisticated cloud offering that allows customers to uniquely find and track digital content. It offers website, Facebook, Instagram and Amazon tracking abilities, with many more trackers being added.”

At FADEL our mission is to extend your DAM with powerful capabilities for digital rights management, content compliance and smart insights. We help you make the most of your content, from the planning stages all the way through to post-production, while mitigating corporate risk of copyright infringement.

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