13 Nov 2023

CyanGate and WoodWing Partner to Deliver Digital Asset Management Solutions in North America

DAM solutions, services, and integrated Connectors optimize digital assets and increase creative workflow across industries

CINCINNATI, Ohio and AMSTERDAM—November 10, 2023 ( – CyanGate, a content and digital asset management service provider, and WoodWing, a market leader in enterprise information management solutions, today announced an enhanced partnership to help customers across industries optimize and streamline the management of digital assets and content. Taking control of digital assets and workflows that will optimize omnichannel commerce can be complex without the right solution or processes in place. The partnership between CyanGate and WoodWing helps solve these challenges.

“The focus on content and digital asset creation is not slowing down, especially as more sales channels evolve and artificial intelligence (AI) comes into play,” said Bulent Dogan, Founder and Chief Architect of CyanGate. “Extending our partnership with WoodWing to implement their DAM solutions with proven best practices and simplified Connectors to enable creative workflows, accelerates time to value for customers.”

Teams across industries, from retail and manufacturing to publishing, rely on DAM solutions to ensure brand consistency, authorized access, and easy collaboration. Digital assets on the other hand, tell the product story and help organizations sell, market, and communicate value. The challenge for many organizations is how to do that effectively in order to deliver the most value.

“In our quest to continually empower brands with seamless digital asset management, WoodWing’s partnership with CyanGate stands as a beacon of innovation and commitment. By joining forces, we are elevating the creative possibilities for corporates and brands. This partnership is a testament to our longstanding legacy of excellence and a shared vision of delivering transformative value to organizations ready to harness the full potential of a sophisticated DAM system,” commented Joris van Leeuwen, Chief Commercial Officer at WoodWing.

Clients can now leverage the power of WoodWing’s DAM solutions and CyanGate’s services via no-code Connectors. This helps seamlessly integrate critical applications, including PIM and other e-commerce-relevant solutions.

Learn more about how WoodWing and CyanGate help customers optimize their digital assets and increase efficiencies across industries. Register here for the upcoming webinar, Enhancing e-commerce efficiency with DAM, on Nov. 15, 2023.


About CyanGate

CyanGate designs, delivers and supports award-winning DAM and Salesforce solutions. Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, with an office in Ankara, Turkey, CyanGate specializes in DAM system architecture design, Enterprise DAM implementations, and Martech integrations. We ensure our customers reduce operational costs, improve return on investment, and speed time-to-value. CyanGate’s customers include global Fortune 500 companies in diverse industries.

About WoodWing

WoodWing’s mission is to liberate organizations from content and information inefficiencies by aligning people, processes, and technology to achieve optimal workflows, automation, and control. The company provides various solutions covering digital asset management, multichannel publishing and document, information and process management. WoodWing, headquartered in the Netherlands with offices in the U.S. and Malaysia and a global staff of 200+ professionals, serves customers around the world, supported by a network of 100+ partners.