05 Mar 2019

CyanGate Launches First-Ever HIPAA Compliant Document Management on Salesforce

CyanGate, a professional services and solutions firm specialized in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Digital Asset Management (DAM), today launched the first-ever Salesforce Lightning Bolt solution that brings HIPAA-compliant document management on Health Cloud. The growing popularity of Health Cloud has made it the fastest growing healthcare CRM. Meanwhile, one of the missing pieces was a document system inside Health Cloud that meets safeguards to comply with HIPAA. CyanGate took the lead on tackling this issue by getting accreditation for S-Drive to be HIPAA compliant and building an easy-to-use solution around S-Drive for healthcare institutions to use for their digital document management needs.

One of the first customers of the solution is Boston Image Reading Center (BIRC). Michael Moyer, IT Director at BIRC, said “We were looking for a system where we can store and easily share high quality, fast, reliable and reproducible interpretation of ocular images for research studies. HIPAA Compliant Healthcare Document Management Lightning Bolt Solution provided us exactly what we were looking for.”

Salesforce Lightning Bolts contain industry process flows, Apps, Lightning Components, and Communities, all integrated seamlessly with the Salesforce platform.

CyanGate’s Health Cloud solution requires the installation of HIPAA Compliant Document Management  app, S-Drive.

CyanGate is both a Silver ISV partner and a Registered Consulting partner for Salesforce. CyanGate owns S-Drive which is recognized by Salesforce as one of ‘Top 3 Document Management Apps’ on AppExchange.