04 Dec 2018

CyanGate Launches First-ever Salesforce Lightning Bolt Solution to Simplify Distribution of Software Products

CINCINNATI, Ohio, December 4, 2018 / — CyanGate, a professional services and solutions firm specialized in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Digital Asset Management (DAM), today launched the first-ever Salesforce Lightning Bolt solution to enable world-class software product delivery. Designed for product managers and release managers at IT companies, the solution attempts to reduce Salesforce community launch for software product distribution from 8-12 weeks to 8-12 days.

Burak Fenercioglu, Senior Manager for Salesforce Practice, said “We have been looking into building lightning bolts to help enterprises with specific use cases and delivering software product was a natural first step for us. After all, software product delivery is a very common use case for S-Drive, our Salesforce document management app.”

Salesforce Lightning Bolts contain industry process flows, Apps, Lightning Components, and Communities, all integrated seamlessly with the Salesforce platform. The AppExchange site for CyanGate’s new solution is available here. CyanGate’s Software Product Delivery bolt also helps customers for enabling case file attachments with no file size limitations.

Bulent Dogan, Founder and Senior Solution Architect, said “With this Lightning bolt, we wanted to share what we learned over years with all software vendors as well as any high tech solution providers that is in need of reliable and secure electronic software distribution on the cloud.”

CyanGate is both a Silver ISV partner and a Registered Consulting partner for Salesforce. CyanGate owns S-Drive which is recognized by Salesforce as one of ‘Top 3 Document Management Apps’ in AppExchange.

About CyanGate
CyanGate drives digital transformation within enterprises through professional services, homegrown tools and platform connectors. Our industry experts have decades of experience streamlining business processes and helping companies optimize the usage of commercial tools around digital asset management (DAM), digital rights management (DRM), document lifecycle management (DLM) and contract lifecycle management (CLM).