23 Nov 2015

DAM As the Innovation Hub

“DAM is an integral part of digital experience, enabling rich experiences for better engagement and better productivity with collaboration, automation and insights from analytics. Businesses are using rich media in creative and engaging ways to drive unique experiences and interactions with brands and products. Talking with companies about how it’s done uncovers that it is not so much about DAM, but the result of highly creative service providers, integrators and IT people. DAM is one of many technology tools providing services to many different interdependent constituencies and channels of engagement.” John Price, OpenText Product Marketing Manager

In “Setting the Stage for DAM Innovation,” John Price at OpenText explains how digital asset management fits in the business ecosystem.  DAM touches more business divisions and functions than what most people perceive and is a driver of business innovation.

CyanGate’s blog post How Digital Asset Management Will Improve Your Customers’ Experience provides and illustration on how DAM is the hub of customer activity through channels and integrations.  From a customer’s perspective, it is a seamless.  From an internal business perspective, digital asset management touches multiple business functions and departments.

Because of digital asset management systems’ unique position as the repository of business information, digital asset management helps drive innovation beyond the marketing and creative departments.  With the right business conditions, DAM creates synergy for creativity and innovations within businesses.