16 Nov 2015

FADEL Rights Cloud Connnector For OpenText Media Management

FADEL ARC - OTMM Integration Asset Approval
FADEL - OTMM Integration Options

Intellectual property management is a key facet for digital asset management.  Today, managing access rights for assets became easier for OpenText Media Management (OTMM) users.   FADEL and CyanGate are happy to announce the integration between FADEL Rights Cloud program and OpenText Media Management.  The integration streamlines the approval and production cycles by enabling OTMM users to identify and approve asset rights in a single workflow.

FADEL and CyanGate are happy to demonstrate how the integration will help you organize and regulate your intellectual property efficiently.

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What Is FADEL Rights Cloud?

From creative to delivery, Rights Cloud™ gives you the “rights” answer, on demand.

FADEL’s new Rights Cloud solution includes the TalentSmart™ and RightsClear™ products. With TalentSmart, advertisers can easily capture and manage agreements and rights for models, photographers and other rights holders – eliminating the dependency on business affairs and ensuring rights are no longer subject to interpretation. RightsClear allows you to check content rights real-time, giving you at-a-glance visibility into terms of use from directly within your creative, distribution or asset/content management platform.

With Rights Cloud, creatives, brand managers and advertisers gain a powerful ad tech tool that significantly improves speed to market, maximizes investments and protects the brand.

Rights Cloud supports digital asset rights management as a standalone solution, or you can integrate with your DAM, MAM, CMS, or 3rd party rights management system.

Rights Cloud enables companies to:

  • Speed Ad Production and Distribution: Gain simple, at-a-glance confirmation of which asset – print, digital, video and talent – can be used when, where and how.
  • Make Your Investments Count: Cut cost with increased efficiencies and the ability to assess all creative inventory for optimum content reuse.
  • Protect Brand Equity: Safe guard your brand from non-compliant content use that can cost millions in penalties, campaign rework, and negative PR.