28 Jul 2014

How To Test a DAM During a Free Trial

After you sign up for a digital asset management system free trial a  you may wonder, “What is the best way to leverage your free trial?”  The simple answer is to test your current workflows and daily tasks to see how DAM will benefit you and your department or company.  Below is a simple check list of functions and tasks to check during an individual free trial:

*Uploading assets

*Searching for assets

*Viewing assets using different clients such as using a desktop, iPad app, or web clients

*Downloading assets

*Transforming assets from the DAM

*Organizing assets through collections, folders and metadata

*Applying metadata to assets

*Sharing assets with others – for example using a Share Feature, lightbox and website plugins

*Production and workflow – DAMs may vary in their workflows.  In general test integrations with Adobe CS and/or CC, autoversioning, commenting, approving/rejecting, Share Features, lightboxes and collections.  When testing workflows include your colleagues to see how your department would work with a DAM solution.

If you are an administrator testing a DAM, test the additional functions below:

*Administrative reporting

*Administrative functions

*User creation

*Security and permissions setting

*Rules creations

*API connectivity


Most DAM vendors provide server trials for testing a DAM with multiple users. CyanGate will cover how to conduct a server trial test in another post.