01 Dec 2015

Integrating CMS with DAM

“Let’s face it: Digital is not a sector or another buzzword anymore. It is the economy,”
Elie Auvray, CEO and co-founder of Jahia Solutions Group

In Dom Nicastro’s article, “Jahia CEO: Digital Isn’t a Buzz Word #DXS15,” Jahia CEO, Elie Auvray, explains the importance of solid integrations between different marketing tools from a customer and employee perspectives.  When the different tools are not integrated correctly, the employee and customers suffer.  Customers will not have a seamless experience, and the marketer will not have the agility and data to respond to customer trends causing the ROI to erode.  For these reasons, it is important to determine the software being integrated is solid.

In terms of content management systems (CMS) and digital asset management (DAM), some components of CMS and DAM may overlap, however, neither CMS nor DAM has all of the functionality and features of the other.  That is why the two systems exist.  Before DAM and CMS are integrated, it is important to know which system is the best to handle certain tasks and who manages which system.

Furthermore, a company should invest in a solid integration between DAM and CMS to ensure the best functionality and sync the data between the two systems.  Both digital asset management and content management systems collect different information.  For example, CMS systems contain more information on how and who uses digital assets.  A creative team using a digital asset management system would gain benefits knowing how and who are using assets from the CMS data when creating or repurposing assets.  In return, a marketer using a CMS benefits by having access to the DAM with the latest asset available to maintain brand consistency.

Training and a friendly user interface (UI) are the last components for a successful CMS and DAM integration.  Friendly UI helps both with user adoption since easy-to-use systems make training easier and faster. With proper training, users are empowered to use both systems with success.

Jahia CMS and DAM integrate together.  Contact CyanGate to learn more.