17 Mar 2023

Maximizing Your DAM Investment: Services to Implement, Support, or Optimize Your Solution 

How can you maximize your digital asset management (DAM) investment? DAM solutions have become increasingly important among businesses of all sizes in recent years as the need for managing large collections digital assets increases. DAM solutions help organizations efficiently store, organize, and distribute their digital assets, such as images, videos, and other media files.  

However, selecting and purchasing a DAM system is not a one-and-done project. It is the first step in the process. Once you have selected a DAM, you may need additional services to help implement the DAM. After implementation, you need to support and optimize the solution to meet your organization’s evolving needs. DAMs are not projects, they are ongoing programs.

There are three key types of DAM Professional Services needed to maximize your DAM investment and produce an ROI. 

1.DAM Implementation Services 

Implementing a DAM system can be a complex process that requires technical expertise and planning. Out of the box, DAM systems generally do not meet businesses’ unique use cases. DAM implementation services to help businesses set up and configure their new system. These services can include: 

*System configuration and customization 
*User training and adoption 
*Metadata and asset migration from existing systems and databases 
*Integration with other systems 
*Develop data schema and taxonomy 
*Business and Workflow Analysis and Solution Design 

Using DAM implementation services, businesses can ensure that their new system is set up correctly and efficiently according to their unique use cases and business requirements. Skipping implementation services can lead to delayed launch dates and frustrating user experiences. Leveraging implementation professional services shortens the implementation timeline and makes user adoption and maintaining the DAM easier. 

2. DAM Support and Managed Services 

Once a DAM is live, the DAM and its users need ongoing support. DAM support services provide technical assistance and end user support to help businesses resolve issues with their system, maintain user satisfaction, and up-to-date with emerging technology and best practices These services can include: 

*End user help desk support 
*System maintenance such as patching and upgrades 
*Ongoing user training and best practices 
*Integration, support, and development  
*Activating new features and settings 
*Preventative maintenance 
*System scaling 

DAM support services can help businesses minimize downtime and ensure that their solution is running smoothly for system users and is stable. Ongoing support services give organizations peace of mind and confidence that their DAM solution can support the business’s evolving needs and support when it is needed.

DAM Managed Services are more comprehensive approach to support DAM programs especially when ongoing DAM governance or technical expertise is required for the long-term. Managed Services teams partner with a company’s IT or business teams to provide the expertise needed to keep the DAM running and fine-tuned. Managed Services can include: 

*Staff augmentation 
*Fractional DAM Manager 
*IT support  
*Ongoing strategic planning 
*Supporting complex workflows, integrations, metadata, rules, digital rights management, and configurations. 

DAM managed services allow businesses to focus on their core competencies while a team of experts manages their DAM system. As technology and business needs continue to evolve, it’s important you invest in making your DAM program successful with the right degree of support. You have to find the right professional services team and services level to help maintain and optimize your DAM investment beyond the short-term needs. 

3. DAM Consulting Services 

DAM consulting services provide guidance and expertise to help businesses maximize the value of their DAM investment. These services can include: 

*System health check and optimization 
*Workflow analysis and improvement 
*Best practices and industry trends 
*Needs Gap Analysis 

Solutions like digital asset management require optimization to meet evolving business requirements and technology innovation. DAM consulting services help identify areas for improvement within DAM systems and develop a roadmap for ongoing success.  

For those who have already purchased a DAM, invest in services to help support your DAM program. By leveraging these services, businesses can optimize their DAM investment, increase user adoption, and improve their overall digital asset management performance.

Whether you need technical assistance, strategic guidance, or ongoing management, there is a DAM service provider that can help you achieve your goals. 

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