23 Jan 2024 Bulent Dogan

Navigating the Complexities of Rights Management in Digital Asset Management 

Recognizing the significance of Rights Management in Digital Asset Management (DAM) is essential, especially when handling complex contracts that are frequently renewed. This blog post explores the intricacies of managing rights, focusing on content creation involving multiple stakeholders. 

The Complexity of Digital Rights Management 

Rights complexities arise due to the diverse nature of content creation. From photos with rights from photographers, talent, and venues to videos that encompass music rights, talent, venue, videographer, and more, proper tracking and contractual agreements are crucial to avoid legal complications. 

The Agency Dilemma in Rights Management 

While agencies often handle the complexities of rights during content creation, companies tend to neglect obtaining rights documentation once assets are delivered to them. This oversight becomes problematic, especially when companies switch agencies, as unresolved rights issues can resurface. 

Take Control: The Collaboration of DAM and DRM Systems 

To mitigate potential risks, it's advisable for companies to proactively manage rights. This involves compelling agencies to deliver not only the produced assets but also the associated rights documentation. This process can seamlessly integrate with the company's DAM, allowing for validation of the delivered data and ensuring proper handling of rights. 

A Commitment to Ongoing Awareness in Digital Rights Management 

Rather than treating rights acquisition as a one-time task, it's beneficial to establish an ongoing process. Regularly verifying and updating rights documentation within the DAM system is crucial to prevent agencies from withholding this critical information in case of a change in service providers. This proactive approach can save both money and future headaches. 

Empowering Companies

By taking proactive measures, companies can assume control over the digital rights acquisition process, empowering them to maintain sovereignty over their assets and expenditures. Implementing strategic measures enables companies to sidestep the pitfalls associated with relegating rights management to an afterthought.