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Putting the Pieces of the Martech Stack Puzzle Together

As new channels and platforms emerge, it’s hard to put all the pieces of the puzzle together. The flow of assets and product information across channels, leading to increased efficiency and consistency in brand messaging. Organizations need to have a solid integration strategy to ensure their product information management (PIM), digital asset management (DAM), and syndication solutions work seamlessly together.

Don’t miss our webinar hosted by HSEvents, where we’ll share expert insights on creating a cohesive Martech strategy. During this insightful session, we’ll explore the common challenges organizations face when integrating their Martech solutions and how to overcome them. 


Watch the webinar to learn:  

– Benefits of integrating DAM and PIM systems for marketing teams 

– Strategies for optimizing asset and product information workflows 

Case studies and real-world examples of successful digital asset integration initiatives. 


Christi Klein, Senior Leader in Product Management and Content Strategy 

Bulent Dogan, Founder & Chief Architect, CyanGate 

Jessica Berlin, Senior Leader in Digital Asset Management 

Megan Morrissey, Digital Assest Manager United Airlines