OpenText Media Management Integration

OpenText Media Management (OTMM) generates the greatest value for companies when it is fully integrated with the rest of the business systems. Examples of OpenText Media Management integrations are web content management (WCM), customer relationship management (CRM), rights management, master data management (MDM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), marketing resource management (MRM) product information management (PIM) and delivery and transcoding systems. The OpenText Media Management integrations are mostly valuable for repurposing metadata in the DAM system and leveraging the asset metadata in other systems to improve customer interaction and experience. Also access of assets from other systems such as web sites, portals, marketing resource management systems, etc. is possible.

CyanGate also specializes in working with rich media assets that are very specific to the company’s industries and require special attention. These include assets such as HD content for broadcast companies, CAD files for production companies, layout files for creative departments and many other formats. Usually these formats require special attention for handling and conversions. OpenText Media Management can integrate with specialized software and hardware to handle these formats and integration of these systems is complex and requires knowledge and experience of different file formats.

Another area where CyanGate has gained significant experience and knowledge is integrating OpentText Media Management with specialized storage systems . Depending on the storage needs of an enterprise, content may need to be stored in DVDs, LTO tape libraries, Amazon S3 or HSM systems. Again, these storage systems are sophisticated and very complex to enable full flexibility and handling vast amounts of data.

CyanGate's OTMM Integration Solutions

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