OpenText Zoomify Plugin

OpenText Media Management (OTMM) users can now use features Zoomify features via an affordable simple solution - CyanGate's OpenText Media Management Zoomify Plugin.   The Zoomify plugin enables images in the OpenText Media Management Digital Library to be reviewed easily from a regular web browser. This simple integration allows users to zoom and pan high resolution images without downloading onto their desktops.

OpenText Media Management for DAM is the market leader digital asset management (DAM) system in marketing asset management (MAM).

What is Zoomify?

Zoomify makes high-quality images zoom-and-pan for fast, interactive viewing on the web with just HTML, JPEGs, and Flash! Zoomify’s products meet the high-resolution imaging needs of creative professionals, image-centric businesses, and digital appliance companies. Zoomify is revolutionizing digital imaging in science, business, entertainment, education, and security. For more information  visit their website.

Zoomify is an indispensable tool in the following sectors:

+ Medicine and Science
+ Defense Security & Infrastructure
+ Museum Galleries & Image Archives
+ Education & Entertainment
+ Mapping GIS Real Estate & Travel
+ E-store E-catalogue &  E-marketing

CyanGate OpenText Media Management  Zoomify Product Specifications

+ Works with your existing assets.
+ Converts images to Zoomify images on first access.
+ With OpenText Media Management Zoomify Plugin, supports JPEG, PSD, GIF, BMP, TIFF, PNG file types.
+ Gives secured access to zoom options.
+ Uses OpenText Media Management APIs for integration.

Please contact us for additional information and pricing.

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Zoomify Open Text Plugin
Zoomify Open Text Plugin
Zoomify Open Text Plugin
Zoomify Open Text Plugin