01 Feb 2024

Centralized Customer Communication Management 

Crafting immersive customer experiences is key to unlocking the future of marketing success. According to Gartner's predictions, businesses leveraging virtual paid experiences by 2025 could gain a substantial edge, enhancing financial outcomes and surpassing competitors. Central to this transformation is the pivotal role of customer communications, encompassing personalized emails, statements, messaging, and notifications. Breaking down organizational silos presents a challenge for marketers striving to meet the demand for connected customer journeys. Salesforce's findings reveal that while 76% of customers anticipate consistent interactions, 54% feel that sales, service, and marketing teams lack information sharing. This underscores the critical need for Customer Communication Management (CCM) software to bridge these gaps. 

What is Customer Communication Management (CCM)? 

Customer Communication Management, also known as CCM Software, serves as a crucial foundation for any thriving business. In recent times, the significance of these communications has evolved. With the rise of the Omni Channel as a fundamental expectation, the CCM platform has emerged as a vital tool for companies to engage with their audiences and extract valuable insights from communication data. 

CCM enables companies to retrieve, store, and generate consumer communications across all departments and for various purposes. Whether for marketing outreach, customer service, documentation, warranties, or account management, CCM seamlessly facilitates connections, builds trust, fosters loyalty, and provides a comprehensive understanding of the customer's journey. It ensures a consistent and on-brand approach throughout the communication process. 

OpenText Exstream (Formerly StreamServe) is a solution designed to elevate ordinary customer communications into highly personalized, engaging experiences across all digital and print channels. The software operates on several key principles, addressing the evolving needs of modern marketing. 

Enhanced Customer Engagement 

Exstream enables businesses to improve customer interactions by delivering personalized and relevant communications that resonate with the audience. This capability aligns with the growing expectation for consistently positive experiences throughout the customer's lifecycle.  

Simple Content Creation 

Non-technical users benefit from Exstream's user-friendly CCM solution, empowering them to craft, edit, and personalize content without IT intervention. This simplification of content creation processes fosters agility and responsiveness.

Efficient Workflow 

Exstream streamlines communication processes, reducing manual tasks and ensuring that the right message reaches the right recipient at the right time. This efficiency contributes to a seamless customer experience.

Use any data source in any format 

Employ any data source in any format seamlessly with OpenText Exstream, an AnyPrem and scalable solution. Capture, generate, control, and produce digital communications across more than 60 different formats. Commonly integrated with business applications such as Microsoft Dynamics AX, SAP mySAP, Infor M3, Jeeves Information Systems Jeeves, and BS enterprises ASW, Exstream ensures versatility in handling diverse data sources for effective communication management. 

Secure Your Customer Communication Management

Exstream's secure CCM solutions prioritize data privacy and adherence to industry regulations, providing peace of mind to businesses navigating the complexities of compliance.  

Digital Customer Communications 

The software allows for the creation of responsive communications that scale and flow seamlessly across various devices and screen sizes, catering to the diverse preferences of modern consumers. 

Brand Consistency 

Exstream ensures brand messaging consistency across all channels and touchpoints, reinforcing brand identity and trust. Exstream's web-based designer simplifies the creation of compelling communications for various channels, starting from the ground up. Users can effortlessly maintain brand consistency while crafting responsive emails, eliminating the need for experts to tailor messages for each device and reducing dependence on the IT department. With Exstream's content authoring feature, business users can easily modify content and messages according to the designer's output. This enables personalized one-to-one interactions, featuring controlled interactive editing for real-time updates to quotes, letters, proposals, and more. 

Data-Driven Insights 

Businesses leveraging Exstream gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of communication strategies, facilitating data-informed decision-making for continuous improvement. 

By simplifying and automating document composition and administration, Exstream streamlines document-related business processes, empowering users to take control of their documents and automate everyday work processes without IT intervention. 

To bring it all together, integrating OpenText’s Exstream with CyanGate's expertise, as a service provider for many years, enhances these benefits further. Contact us to explore how CyanGate simplifies and optimizes content management seamlessly with OpenText Exstream, offering a comprehensive solution that aligns with the evolving demands of modern customer engagement.